End of Semester Schedule

As I emailed earlier, here is what is happening for the last few classes of the semester:

  • Thursday, 5/12: Geometric Sequences
  • Tuesday, 5/17: Exam #4. I will drop the lowest exam grade.
    • The review sheet for exam #4 and the final exam can be found here.
    • The only topic from the review sheet that I guarantee is not on exam #4 is #17, the binomial theorem.
    • Tuesday 5/17 is the last day to Withdraw from the class with a “W” grade.

Good luck and keep it going for another 2 weeks!

OpenLab Assignment #4. Due Thursday 5/19/2022 at 10am.

  1. Click here to watch the video on the binomial theorem.
  2. Click here to download the worksheet.
  3. When you are done with the lesson, answer the questions on the worksheet.
  4. To submit, upload your worksheet to our shared Dropbox folder.
  5. To upload:You do not need to print out the worksheet. You can put the answers on separate paper.
  6. The format must be a PDF only.
  7. If there are multiple pages, they must be contained in a SINGLE pdf file.
  8. RENAME THE FILE. To ensure organization, use this scheme:firstinitial lastname date(mmdd2022) assignment02.pdf
  9. ex: Luisa Madrigal uploads as “madrigall 05162022 assignment04.pdf”
  10. Upload instructions are here. A video tutorial can be found here.
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