Exam #3, Thursday 12/3, 8am

  1. Exam #2 will consist of 3 parts:
    • WeBWorK: 30% of grade
    • Written Work: 35% of grade
    • Oral Conference: 35% of grade
  2. WeBWorK
    • Log into WeBWorK.
    • Find “Take Test 3 test” and click on it.
    • The timer begins once the page opens.
    • You have 2 hours and 20 minutes to do the problems and put in answers.  Click “Grade Test” when you are done.  If you click “Grade Test” before the 2 hours and 20 minutes are up, you have the remaining time to fix any wrong answers and hit “Grade Test” again.  I will take the better of the 2 scores.
    • Do not click “Grade Test” after each question.  This is not homework.  Only click “Grade Test” when you are finished.
    • The exam is open from 8:00am to 11:00am on Thursday, 12/3/2020.
    • No matter what time you begin, the test will close at 11:00am.  This means after 11:00am, you cannot input any more answers, you can only click “Grade Test” to finish up.  In order to get maximum time, make sure you begin the test before 8:40am!
  3. Upload written work to Dropbox
    • Standard Dropbox rules apply
      • PDF Only.
      • Use multiple pages on one file, not multiple files.
      • Name the file correctly, using lastnamefirstinitialdate and exam3 after that.
      • SHOW ALL WORK.
  4. Oral Conference:
    • Sign up for a time slot here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VB0SavLVopQFON8TJV9Z752uL1Sd6qQRe_qsF3o_fiU/edit?usp=sharing
    • Oral conferences will take place over Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/98358560747
      • There’s a waiting room. When you log on, please wait until I let you in. I will do my best to keep to the schedule.
      • I will let you in according to the order on the Google form.
      • Have your mic and camera turned on.
    • Oral Conferences will be given on Monday, December 7, from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
    • I estimate about 5 minutes per conference.
    • During this conference, I will ask you about 1 or 2 problems from you written work.  Please be prepared to explain your solution.
    • I will have the written work in front of me, and you should too.  I DO NOT want you to read your work, I want you to explain what you wrote and why you wrote it.
    • This oral conference isn’t so much as a way for me to catch you, but more a way for us to finally talk and have a brief discussion. It is not meant to be confrontational.
  5. There is a practice test available on WeBWorK (“Take Test 3 Practice Test”) so you can get a feel for how to input answers and see your grade.  Take note that the practice test is larger, so the time limit is 4 hours instead of 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  6. Since Thursday 12/3 is a class day, I will be in class on Blackboard from 8am – 9:40am to answer questions.

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