Important Blog Post!

Hey everyone, there’s a lot to say about the end of the semester, so let’s go:

  1. Click here for the final exam procedure.  If you still have any questions after reading this memo, send me an email.
  2. OpenLab Assignment: This last OpenLab assignment is due 12/15 at 8am.  Watch the video, answer the questions, upload the file to Dropbox.  Call it lastnamefirstinitialdateassignment07.pdf.
  3. Test corrections are due 12/15.  They MUST be done with a City Tech tutor.  Check out this post from October 19 to see the protocol.
  4. Extra credit assignment:
    • Go to WeBWorK and do a practice final. 
    • Once you open the final, you will have 2 hours to complete it. 
    • Take this practice final under test conditions, inputting answers as you would for an exam. 
    • Your score on the practice final will be recorded.  Upload your work to Dropbox, calling it lastnamefirstinitialdateextracredit1.pdf.
    • Once you finish, you will have to wait 24 hours to take another practice test. 
    • Do another practice test, and upload the work for that exam to Dropbox, calling this one lastnamefirstinitialdateextracredit2.pdf.
    • The average of these 2 grades will be factored in to your OpenLab score.
    • This extra credit assignment is due 12/15 because the practice test closes at 11:59pm on 12/15.
  5. Here is a video on the Law of Cosines, which is the topic we’ll be discussing on Tuesday, 12/15.  Hopefully this will get you started because the homework set is open now.
  6. I forgot to mention this in class, but all of you should have gotten an email (to whatever email is on your CUNYFirst file) from NYC College of Technology Course Evaluations with the email address SPSSurveys@scantron.com. This is a legitimate email regarding the Student Evluation of Teaching (SET for short). This is an evaluation of the class and me as a teacher. Please take the time to fill it out! This is normally done in class, in person so this is probably new to all of us. Your feedback on this class is appreciated.
  7. I will make myself available from 8:30am – 10:30am this Thursday, 12/10 on Zoom if you want to stop by and ask me any questions.  Good luck to you all. https://zoom.us/j/97562222743

Exam #3, Thursday 12/3, 8am

  1. Exam #2 will consist of 3 parts:
    • WeBWorK: 30% of grade
    • Written Work: 35% of grade
    • Oral Conference: 35% of grade
  2. WeBWorK
    • Log into WeBWorK.
    • Find “Take Test 3 test” and click on it.
    • The timer begins once the page opens.
    • You have 2 hours and 20 minutes to do the problems and put in answers.  Click “Grade Test” when you are done.  If you click “Grade Test” before the 2 hours and 20 minutes are up, you have the remaining time to fix any wrong answers and hit “Grade Test” again.  I will take the better of the 2 scores.
    • Do not click “Grade Test” after each question.  This is not homework.  Only click “Grade Test” when you are finished.
    • The exam is open from 8:00am to 11:00am on Thursday, 12/3/2020.
    • No matter what time you begin, the test will close at 11:00am.  This means after 11:00am, you cannot input any more answers, you can only click “Grade Test” to finish up.  In order to get maximum time, make sure you begin the test before 8:40am!
  3. Upload written work to Dropbox
    • Standard Dropbox rules apply
      • PDF Only.
      • Use multiple pages on one file, not multiple files.
      • Name the file correctly, using lastnamefirstinitialdate and exam3 after that.
      • SHOW ALL WORK.
  4. Oral Conference:
    • Sign up for a time slot here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VB0SavLVopQFON8TJV9Z752uL1Sd6qQRe_qsF3o_fiU/edit?usp=sharing
    • Oral conferences will take place over Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/98358560747
      • There’s a waiting room. When you log on, please wait until I let you in. I will do my best to keep to the schedule.
      • I will let you in according to the order on the Google form.
      • Have your mic and camera turned on.
    • Oral Conferences will be given on Monday, December 7, from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
    • I estimate about 5 minutes per conference.
    • During this conference, I will ask you about 1 or 2 problems from you written work.  Please be prepared to explain your solution.
    • I will have the written work in front of me, and you should too.  I DO NOT want you to read your work, I want you to explain what you wrote and why you wrote it.
    • This oral conference isn’t so much as a way for me to catch you, but more a way for us to finally talk and have a brief discussion. It is not meant to be confrontational.
  5. There is a practice test available on WeBWorK (“Take Test 3 Practice Test”) so you can get a feel for how to input answers and see your grade.  Take note that the practice test is larger, so the time limit is 4 hours instead of 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  6. Since Thursday 12/3 is a class day, I will be in class on Blackboard from 8am – 9:40am to answer questions.

Reference Angles Assignment, Due Thursday 11/19 at 8am

  1. Download the worksheet and follow the directions.
  2. You can find supporting materials for angles here.
  3. You can find supporting materials for quadrants here.
  4. Upload your work to our Dropbox folder, following the directions here or here. Name the file lastnamefirstinitialdateassignment06.pdf
  5. If there are any files in your Dropbox folder that are out of order, please rename them to keep them organized.