Camera Training

Last night I was given the opportunity to practice with the equipment for the service. This time, we did cameras. We learned different positions, how to operate the different cameras, where the footage to those cameras goes to, and how the staff put it all together to make a good experience. Furthermore, we learned about the terminologies that the staff uses to communicate through the headsets

Internship Update

Last Sunday was my first day back at C3 University in 2 years. It was great seeing everyone from before and socializing with the friends i made from before the pandemic. Anyway, regarding the internship, I shadowed in the big service for 8 o’ clock since C3 only has a 10:30 service at the moment. So after that was over, I went to C3 to help them with their lighting and graphics for the service. The lighting board had some problems so I couldn’t really do my part efficiently, (change the colors of the lights, have them flash, etc.)I could only turn them on and off for the different segments. Overall though, the service turned out to be a success.

Internship Update

Christian Cultural Center has been open for a few weeks now and I’ve been doing my part in helping with the services. Recently, I got the opportunity to do Lighting for one of the services. I learned the basics but the results were pretty good overall and my coworker said that I did an excellent job with the timing. Starting on May 5th, I’ll be shifting gears to work with C3 University, the teen/young adult service for the church.

Internship Update

I’m doing a mix of things now at the internship, as we are getting ready for a production for Easter. I did a bit of labor work by moving heavy equipment now and I am also learning more about how displaying graphics and visuals work. I’m not if I mentioned this before but I believe starting after Easter Sunday I will be more focused on creating content for the teen section of my church, C3 University, as I have already started a remote project for them. Since spring break is here now, I intend on finishing it during my time off from school

Internship Update

Its been 2 weeks since I started this internship. So far they had me shadowing different roles to get a feel of what i’m interested in helping them. I’ve shadowed people working behind cameras, people in the control booth directing everything going on in the service/ rehearsal, and the people in charge of visual graphics and video content. Because I’ve done work for them in the past, I kinda just made an almost straight beeline to what I was doing before, which was visuals. Shadowing, Pam and Christian (in charge of visuals and lighting) gave me a quick refresher course on how to operate their software after 2 years of not being there. In the future, however, I suspect I’ll be doing projects for the teens division of the church, C3 University, as Sara has me working on a few video projects remotely.

Virtual Museum

For this assignment, I chose to go to the Korean Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibit online. The different pieces featured were all unique but for this post I will only focus on the following 3:

Panoramic view of the eye view of the times: This piece was actually made during the pandemic in 2020. There isn’t much info on it on the website but it consists of 8 blue bars lying on the floor.

Pride Series: This piece was made in 1993. It consists of 6 miniature table tennis courts in a row from each other. Each of the tables has text on the side for each stage of pride, including Pride, Big Pride, Super Pride, Ultra Pride, New Pride, and Double Pride. The tables were meant to represent how meaningless the concept of pride is.

Cinemagician: This piece was made in 2010. It was a performance with Korean actor Jung Yeon-doo recorded on video and lasting for about 50 minutes. The actor first got a feel for the pressures of acting here as she had no experience beforehand aside from another play she starred in called Monster.

Internship Day 1

Day 1 on the job. Today I was shown the different rooms and station where the staff operates(most of which I had seen before in previous encounters there). I also learned about how each station plays their part in helping the livestream they put on Sundays and that the staff always double checks equipment to ensure everything works properly and efficiently. Furthermore, I was introduced to the quote, “Inspect what you expect” which basically means “double check just to be sure its ok”.

Networking Workshop

During this workshop, we learned how to properly introduce ourselves in quick scenarios. We did an excercise that taught us how to pitch ourselves as employees in an elevator. We also learned the importance of building a network of people to contact to increase our success in finding a compatible job in our respective fields of work.

Peri Sharpe is an ACE Advisor at Citytech as well as the leader of this workshop.

Carousel – CUNY ASAP

Webinar 1- Adobe Summit Day 1

Topic: 2022 Top Marketing Trends

Jason Heller and John Copeland discuss state-of-the-art, modern day methods of advertising and getting a customers attention through marketing. They used many different visuals to display this as well as talking about their personal experiences with other companies. While advertising isn’t my primary goal in life it did give me some insight into what technology and strategies are being used to grab peoples attentions.

John Copeland is the vice president of marketing and customer insights at Adobe. He’s responsible for company-wide analytics on Adobe consumers. Analytics aside, his team also utilizes world-class market research and data and works closely with stakeholders in marketing, sales, and product development.

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Raster and Vector Graphics Project

Project Description

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