My opinion about a Graphic Design Student’s Work

I searched through Google and found this ‘Art 2554 Graphic Design I’ gallery at The College of Art & Design with its students’ pieces of work. I went and gave them a glance at one and each of the works, but the one that made me stare longer at was “Jill Dowling – Stamps”.

I almost mistook the stamps for the books, because the stamps has the names of books that particularly were made movies in certain time when the books were released. In my opinion Jill Dowling really gave a thought to it and was able to create a representative drawing for each stamp with well known book names. Jill Dowling’s Stamps are really creative, choosing the white color that could stand out for the illustration drawings on top of the different color backgrounds, plus the way he created the gigantic drawing causes an illusion of that object being on top of the stamps. It really impressive, attracted my attention.



My Fav. Perks for Students

My favorite discounts for being a student are:

-Discounts when buying a first Mac, you save up $200 for it. If you buy another new Mac you get a credit of $100 and can buy anything from the apple store.

-Adobe software also gives us discount up to 60%!


New York Times Article – Assignment 2/3

I found this article with the title “An Unusually Artful Task Lamp” by Nancy Hass.

What called my attention from this article was, how the lamp was placed in the middle of dark color and simple walls by Kelly Wearstler. The way that Kelly Wearstler created the minimalist task lamp looks very unadorned and very old-fashioned, but believe it or not this is the characteristic that makes the lamp appealing. Despite being so plain looking and being almost the only object in the room, it makes the lamp the center of attention.


Thumbnail sketches Question – Assignment 2/7

Why it is important or useful to start the design process with thumbnail sketches?

Thumbnail sketches are important and useful because you can sort your ideas out, this process allows you to visualize and guide yourself.
This can help you choose one of the best thumbnail sketch that you like the most, then improve and work on it until you are satisfied for it to be your final project.


1. write out your design goal, why are you taking the class?
-I am taking this class because it is part of my major, but my goal for this class is to pass it and try to learn as much as possible and apply the things I learned for my future works.

2. what type of work inspires you? what else inspires you?
-Drawings and paintings. Other… anime/manga/ game characters, if they count.

3. what is your preferred design process – how do you like to work? (i.e. coding, on the computer, with a marker, pencil, in small notebooks, murals, collages, planned out, spontaneous, etc.)
-Pencil and paper, because is the fastest way to plan it out and draw it out. Computer might be an option too but I’m just starting.

4. what types of projects would you be interested in collaborating on?
– I haven’t really worked on much hand made projects. But probably drawing and collages, I would also like to learn how to paint and know how use colors.