My name is Jingyu Zhan. I’m immigrated from China 3 years ago. For the past one year and a half, I tried to figure out what I like to do. So I spent my freshmen year in City College of New York and took some basic classes. Finally I have decided to choose hospitality management because I have the most interest in this domain. And I always want to have my own business. In order to master the management techniques, hospitality management will be the best choice for me. Moreover, I am also interest in pastry art, which would probably promote my passion for my academic career. One of my academic goals is to do well in my every professional courses. Although I have got passion about this major, I am aware of my disadvantage. First, I am not very good at communication because English is not my first language. What’s more, my personality is not very outgoing as this industry required. It will be more difficult for me to achieve success. However, I am not scared and I will try my best, with all my passion and stamina. For my career experience, I used to work in Dunkin’ Donuts. Currently I have been working in a Vietnamese restaurant as a waitress for a year. My career goal will be opening a restaurant or a café in the future. To achieve this ultimate goal, I will not only think and talk about it, I will definitely act on it and work harder than ever.


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