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In China, Military training is required for middle school register. The one-week training had become my most unforgettable life experience. In the training, we experienced the ups and downs of life. Station military posture takes a walk, running, turn left and right, squat upright. We repeat the boring action.

“Try again if one of you did wrong!” The instructor said loudly and seriously when he was going around and checking thirty people of us. “Pay attention and follow my order! Otherwise, do some exercise.He meant punishment such as frog jump and pushup. The first lesson of military training is station military posture. The first order we got was to be prepared in ten minutes to line up on the playground. I became frightened when I saw a guy was punished to do a hundred pushups for being late without preparing. Students lined up the orderly on the playground like the real troops. I could hear the slogan of training resound the school with the powerful clapping occasionally. We stayed in the sun for training various kinds of army postures like standing, walking and sitting again and again. I realized that how hard it would be standing in the sun for a long time. The instructors were drinking water, then our face was reflected in the sun a layer of flush.

After we had trained for four hours, we had a half hour for lunch in the cafeteria together. Some students looked mad, and some were complaining to each other. I didn’t say anything because I felt extremely tired. I started to miss my daily life. HoweverI had to keep going because it was just the first day. I hoped I would have a normal performance after the training and I didn’t want people to look at me like I was a “deserter. We were resting in the classroom after lunch when the instructor came in. We got the sudden order to finish cleaning our dormitory completely in fifteen minutes. That was also one part of the training. Immediatelywe rushed to the building and put away the baggage that we had prepared before. 

“He’s crazy! How come we can finish it in fifteen minutes?Helen was complaining of helplessness.
“Come on, girls! Let’s try! We didn’t finish is better than we did nothing.Becky said with hurry. We can do it!
Yeah, we can do it,” I said, though I was afraidWe cleaned everything in the room and make the beds quickly. I thanked God we finished cleaning on time by helping each other. Everything in the room that we would live in seven days looked fresh and tidy. I remember the moment that we were smiling and looking at each other with tears in our eyes. We knew that we would be friends forever, though we just met.
FinallyI adopted during the following days in training because my classmates helped me. I had no reason to give up when I faced difficulties. I realized the purpose of the military training for new students which were to teach them not to give up in the hard times and understand what teamwork is. Most importantly, we have to learn to be independent and responsible. This hard experience made me change to be positive and tough. There will be many difficulties coming in the rest of our lives. Just try to handle it if we cannot escape. 

My experience of military training had help survive my college life. The difficulty of college life is not a thing easier than military training; classes, homework, job, and internship bring up a lot of pressure on me. But what makes me carrying hope and live through it is the military spirit I had got when I was 14. The spirit to challenge me and never give up. 

Trip Experience



I was really enjoy this trip. I saw so many amazing stuff in the museum. The first picture I like it because I could design my name to show in all the background. It also had different patterns and colors to choose. My classmates and I were staying in the room for an half hour. The second picture was cool, it showed  movement and special depth.

Color project

Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2

I had a great experience in this project. I learned how to use two different colors of the backgrounds to affect the value, hue, saturation and bezold effect. In the second part, I created bright composition by spring colors. As you can see the value over there. The saturation part created by more dark colors. The small little squares are from light pink to dark red to show the special depth. I found the craftsmanship is hard to do well in the little square composition.

Leaning of First Project

579DCF055CAA5476B21E1CCEC5B64CE514EFBF3A5821BB5AF30CCC94297FECC5This is my first step of the project. I learned how to create organic shapes in 4 by 4 inches plane. I found out how to use positive and negative spaces. As well, the relationship between figure and ground is importan. I found my design of the project is not successful. So that, I found my mistakes after the teacher gave me some comments. For example, those shapes in the first picture, they should be relate to each other. Moreover, I learnd the way to use a knife to cut the paper.

The final step is taking one of my compositions from the first step. First, I created the pattern in photoshop by computer. I learned that rotating the shape is really impotant because it is the way to create a nice pattern. I found the interesting experience by Al. Then, I drew the pattern on 9 by 12 inches  Bristol board excatly same as the one I created on Al. It is hard, and I put patience on it.  Honestly, I was not really enjoy to drew the pattern, but I had a good experience on this project.


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