About Me


My name is Jamir Campbell and the reason why I decided to take up Graphic Design at City Tech is mainly because of my love for comic books, I grew up reading comic books and actually learned how to read from them at an early age. It was amazing to me how the artist with pencils , paper , and color could bring imagination to life. I feel the program here can help me become better with my drawing animation and communication skills. I also feel it can help me with opening all the creativity that I have inside and ultimately lead me to a successful path in movie making which is my ultimate dream. Im very interested to learn more about the film process, And I wonder where it could take me in life.

I like the work of Satyajit Ray and Paula Scher they both did amazing work. Satyajit Ray was a graphic designer turned filmmaker, I loved some of the advertising he did for a British – run advertising agency called DJ. Paula Scher created a lot of album covers when she was younger, and I found them to be very creative and beautiful artwork. I’m ready to learn as much as I can about this program. Hopefully with all the tools I learn I can make the best out of my career and make the best films Possible.