Case Study 1

A 50 years old female presents with severe vertical bone loss on LLQ on last molar. She has a three unit bridge on #19, 20, 21. She had a 10 mm pocket depths on mesial of tooth #19. She had a periodontal surgery on LLQ 4 years ago. She had no mobility on #19 since tooth #s 20 and 21 was holding tight together. Patient was heavy case with period type IV. Treatment plan was 4 quadrants of scaling and root planning.  She visited twice for completion of Scaling and Root planning. She did not needed local anesthesia since she had no pain or sensitivity. Patient was  recommended to use super floss and waterpik to clean under the bridge and the deep pockets for maintenance.



Case Study 2


A 26 years old male who is a heavy smoker had heavy calculus and perio type I.  He presents with Pulp Polyps on tooth #19. It happens when a tooth is heavily decayed, instead of tissue die, it regenerated in respond to decay. Inflammation have not compromised with the blood supply so that tissue continued to grow. Surprisingly, patient did not felt any pain. He was recommended to take an PA and depends on radiograph, patient was recommended to have Root canal treatment or extraction. I completed 4 quadrants of scaling and root planning with 4 visits. His gingiva was very firm since he was a heavy smoker.  After Scaling and root planning, I polished and applied 5% fluoride varnish because he was in moderate risk of getting a caries.