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Eng 1101: Project 1

My name is Janet Whitten. Born two days after christmas, i believe that i was a gift  not only to my parents but, to the world. Pretty far fetched, i know but, i believe that my talent and love for everything creative will benefit the world. I enjoy fashion, photography, fine arts, typography and basically all things that allows me, as shy and timid as I can be at times, to express myself. All my life I have taken an interest in art. In middle school I was in an art academy and in high school I studied photography, now in college I am studying communication design. I have experience in many different mediums and frequently combined them all into my own creations.

Through out high school , i have changed my “dream job” multiple time from a photographer to a graphic designer. However, i find that i much rather brainstorm and direct the production if my ideas rather than see it through myself. With this in mind, probably after making it through college, i hope to become a very successful creative director. I would like to see my creations everywhere. If all fails and I’m not of creative director, i’d be happy in any artistic position.

My avatar is a representation of the real me. As you may notice my avatar is a cartoon of what is suppose to resemble me. The cartoon effect represents the inner me. On the outside and sometimes by the way i dress, people see me as stuck up , anti-social and maybe a little snobby but, actually i’m the complete opposite. I’m actually quite goofy ,easy-going and nonchalant.

Someone might understand my avater differently than i intended because it is a cartoon. They may think that maybe i like cartoons or even that i want to create them but, neither of these things are true. Yes, i do enjoy watching cartoon every now and then but, nothing major. Animation has never been appealing to me but, The creativity of the many animators around the world never cease to amaze me.

My profile will be an expression of me. Each picture drawing and whatever else will be posted on my profile will be a look at things through my eyes. Viewers will be able to follow me to the step-by-step process it takes to create. This profile Will allow everyone, not only students and teachers at City Tech, to take a step into my creative mind. Also to get to know me without me saying a word. This blog allows my work to be seen criticized and critique

View from my window: Research

Today outside if my window look just like yesterday. The cars are parked in the same place every morning and evening. It seems like all our neighbors have some type of unspoken parking arrangement.  I can see the  birds sitting on the cords every morning and in the afternoon every now and then a squirrel running as fast as it can along the cords from one tree to the next. Trees make up majority of what i see out my window , its looks like there is a never ending forest in the horizon going on for miles and miles. If i stand close enough to the window and look up into the sky, night or day, i can see the bottom of airplanes coming so close to my roof i feel like  i can reach out touch them.