This has been a long short journey. After Internship, I’m officially done with college. And now join the work force soon. As I’m writing a self-evaluation on what I’ve improved on my internship journey, I also want to take the time to write some self-evaluation on myself as a person. What I’ve learned outside of my internship. I’ve learned to manage my time and show professionalism even if everything is remote. This was the thing I needed in my day: structure and projects. And it’s given me room to grow and improve on that. I think that my designing skills has defiantly increased. I knew so little of motion design and just hoped I didn’t get assigned any motion design work on my internship. But, the world doesn’t work like that. Sometime the world gives you what you need instead of what you want. So it gave me a chance to challenge myself and to learn on your own. I’ve also think that I’ve improved on my communication skills. Not being too shy to ask for help or talk to your supervisor about work or any issues I have. Cause that’s what they are here for. To help you gain knowledge and learn from your mistakes. And improve as a person, and designer. I think that I also have a new meaning or perspective. This first half of 2020 was a huge wake up call for a reason. I think the pandemic, the BLM movement and anything political now, is a way of saying that we need to be united as a community. As a country. And demand change. We have protests and social media to make those change now, we are tired now. I think I improved on not letting the bad take over. Keep moving forward and take the bad, and make something good. As a designer, and as a person, I have changed these past month(s). And I’m going to keep on growing to find success in my future, and change the world.