I have worked on 3 big projects as of now. Im still working on a few and I must say, I think they are getting better and better with each projects. I mean, I am learning new skills, thinking outside the box, and having more confidence with new programs. My dream is still to work at a big game development company and create the best game with the best team. Although this internship isn’t a game design internship, I am gaining more knowledge on skills that I need to sharp. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. and being a motion design and editor intern is my first step of my dream. My first project I was assigned was to create a new intro to one of their shows. Daunting the task was, I didn’t want to show any sign of fear or hesitation. Luckily, I managed to pull it off and was proud of my work. Looking at it I thought, “Wow. I did that. Me.” Yes, anyone could make a photo mash up intro on After Effects just like that but cut me some slack. this is coming from someone who had barely passed Motion Design. After that, I got to make short clips from one of the guest speakers. Listening to an episode and finding the most important and entertaining part to cut out and make a clip. That wasn’t the hard part. Creating a new lower thirds was. Again, cut me some slack, I passed Motion Design with like a C-. Youtube was my trusting friend in this project, but the tricky part was finding a tutorial that fits to the brand of the show. Simple, elegant but new. I managed to create a new lower thirds that didn’t seem too new or in your face. I feel like I’m actually improving as a designer. Like I could do this without looking at tutorials. That’s a bit of a stretch but I could do the simple stuff in After Effects no problem now.