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architecture – summary

I am a fist year architecture student. I have done technical and non technical schetches for this course as well as some digital work. The first project i did was about rectilinear form where i created three clay model that had to incorporate the X Y and Z axis. Using the model if my choice i had to construct a technical multi view drawing of the plan, front, left, right, and rear view of the model. This was a tedious process because everything had to be aligned perfectly. I also constructed some isometric sketches of my clay model and rendered them using shading techniques i learned in class. Lastly with i also had the chance to create one and two point perspectives of my model.

My most recent project was called pattern abstraction where i had to choose and image and extract a pattern out of it. Using the pattern i extracted next i had to play with the pattern in different ways and make it into a model. I also had to create an wallpaper from my pattern. It was important that i looked at the pattern in different ways to see which way it would look more interesting as a real life model.


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