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Field trip report

Our field trip to the UFT printing facility was a very educational for me because I was able to see a lot of professional grade equipment up close and personal. Of all the equipment that was shown to us the three that stood out to me were the “automatic letter folder”, the “precision paper cutter, and the “prototype japanese printer”.

The automatic letter folder was interesting to see work because of how quickly and smoothly it did its job it’s amazing to see work that used to take peoples dozens of hours to do in just a matter of seconds. The machine also had a compartment at the end where the letters would all be stacked so they could all be easily collected which is very convenient.

The precision paper cutter was interesting not because it was incredibly advanced but because of how it showed me that even a job as simple as cutting paper could be automated to perfection through technology.It had a screen where you could input the speed and strength of the blade to easily cut any type of paper. The paper s inserted into a wide compartment to not only place many pieces of paper but also to leave enough room to prevent accidental cuts.

Finally the prototype all in one printer was the most interesting because of the fact that it followed Japanese standards for modern technology a simple sleek design with multiple functions all easily accessible from a screen. It’s interesting that something like a printer is still being improved on in the modern age I assumed that it was well beyond improvement but I supposed any technology can be further improved until it’s completely automated.