I am currently a graphic design intern at RO NEW YORK, and my direct supervisor is one of the agency’s Art Directors. I have been interning as part of the RO NEW YORK team since May of this year. Since the fall of 2017, I had been searching for an internship for the summer of 2018. I applied to countless openings listed on Indeed and reached out to members of my network to ask about any available positions at their companies. Ultimately, none of them were able to help me. I then decided to ask a family friend if she knew of any open positions that would apply to my major, and she told me that a friend of hers works as a strategic partner at RO NEW YORK and that the company had just moved downtown. She told me that RO NEW YORK offers a summer internship, so I immediately sent her my resume and portfolio to be forwarded. Following this, I got an email from RO NEW YORK’s Strategic Partnerships Director informing me that the Art Director responsible for hiring would get back to me. An in-person interview was scheduled for April 27th at 3pm. The Art Director that later became my supervisor, interviewed me. He asked me questions about my background, why I wanted to work at RO NEW YORK, what I knew about the company, and how I found out about the internship position. We then proceeded to the portfolio portion of the interview. He pulled up my portfolio website and I gave a brief description of each piece of my work. Afterwards, he described the role of the position and the benefits of working here. He concluded by stating that if I got the position I would hear back from him within the following week or two. It wasn’t long before I finally heard back from him (on May 8th, to be exact) to discuss my schedule and availability. I informed him that the semester was almost over and that my last day would be the 24th. So, it was decided that I would start on the 30th. Since then, I’ve continued to work and be part of the creative team.

Below is an image of the office space.