Questions for essay from textbook, “America and I”

Julian Torrecampo


ENG 1101

Pg. 63 #1-8

  1. Yezierska’s initial impression of America was described as a “promised land”. She calls America “the golden land of flowing opportunity”. She says that America is her freedom compared to Russia which is her prison.
  2. Yezierska aspired to find her work that was denied in Russia. First she had to find food and shelter and also money to acquire them.
  3. I don’t think that they are treating her fairly. As it was her first job, she wanted to know about her pay. They say that she shouldn’t be concerned about money and that she should be thankful that she is associated with them just because she had just arrived from Russia. They think that she is not worth any money. They aren’t treating her like a worker but more like a slave.
  4. The best part of her second job was learning to become a trained worker. It helped her to get the skills for a regular factory. She ended up losing her job because she did not want to work for what the lady was offering. She just wanted to go home and have time to herself.
  5. Anzia prefers to do work that requires thinking. She is being stopped by her inability to read, write and speak proper English.
  6. I kind of agree with the author’s argument. I think that immigrants should receive free room and board but only for a limited time. They should be given enough time to make money in order to support themselves.
  7. She learned that the pilgrims worked to build America. It was not ready made, which is what she expected. She learns that America is still in the making and she could be a part of that building process.
  8. Anzia’s “hunger” and “appetite” can be compared to her dreams and her strive for success in America.

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