Personal logo

the logo above represents me. The lion is who I am as a person, I don’t take anything from absolutely no one and I pride on respect. If you don’t show respect to me or anything I stand for the black and white colors represent the coldness in my heart I have for people who are negative and waste to my life. This explanation may seem harsh but all my life I was taught never to trust those who aren’t family and friends.

Visual Quotes


My first visually enhanced quote I created was actually done by my own hand without pictures like the next two quotes I have. The stars represent a different personality trait I always stand by (trust, respect, happiness, and hustle). The font I used is Gotham font and I created this piece on illustrator.


My second visually enhanced quote I made is actually a little more inspirational than the first one. I chose a picture with a man looking at the sun while the quote comes out for him to see. The font I used was Copperplate and I also created it on illustrator.


The last picture is my favorite as I put the quote on top of the tree behind the clouds, lowering the opacity in the words so that it looks like the words are coming from the sky. Another reason why I like this picture so much is the picture itself, the tree and sun posted together like that makes the overall quote to me feel more alive. The font I used for this picture was mistral and this was also created on illustrator.




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