In Tom Petty’s lyric video, primary colors red and blue against a pale white/yellowish hue. The type was between bold and script. There was contrast between the fill color used for the text against the background. There was also alternation with the colors and text. I loved that some of the text would overlap the text in the background, but it doesn’t blend because of the choice of color alternation. There was careful placement of the text fitting in with the motion graphics, as well as hierarchy. The video also had like an old style texture, almost like film. In Prince’s video, the text color and type was maintained throughout the ad. The colors were in combination with the color palette of the album and the vinyls. So, colors were mostly black and bronze. There wasn’t much play on alignment of the text, it was mostly centered and it fit below the image or by itself on a solid background. This video also gave an older vibe because actual clips of Prince singing were being used.