In the Dr. No title sequence it starts off with black and white and then proceeds into color. There are primary color of red, green, and blue being used. We also see complimentary colors such as yellow and orange. So they’re working welcome together. The shape of the circle is used continuously and no matter the amount of circles, the alignment is clear. They form rectangular or square alignments. The type remains white all throughout the sequence and is overlaid on the figures in the background. While with the circle shape, the type is aligned on either the left or right of it. In relation to sound, there is an attempt to make the circles flicker fast when the beat is faster in the audio.

In the apple sequence, the colors are complimentary to each other with colors of red, blue, etc, and circle shapes are also used. What is different is that they also used shapes that relate to the apple product or app icons. This in relation to the audio interconnected nicely because they also added actual audio that the products use. The type was also creatively used within the shapes that were created.