App Review: Pinterest

Pinterest has always beenĀ  an incredibly useful app for me, many times in design projects, one has to be able to envision and internalize the mood of the piece they are working on. If one is looking to draw, they might have to get a ton of material as references for their work. Google, Instagram, and other resources are all well and good, but they do not prioritize organization of assets for use.

Pinterest however, is perfectly designed to provide digital mood boards for the creative professional. One can have an entire board filled with samurai, another with medieval paintings, another with palettes, and so on. With one look, you can feel that mood wash over you and better understand what the design entails.

The design of the website is clean and at first glance seems almost too minimalist, however what this allows is for an app that in no way colors or influences the images shown. Navigation is a the bottom and out of eyesight and the images on the homepage are based on things you might like.

Search wise, the app offers pretty robust ways to find whatever it is the user is looking for. A basic search function, as well as a camera feature that might bring up images saved in their databases that correlate with the image. Take an image of a Welch’s fruit snack package? You’ll get more of those, and so on.

All in all the app has helped me to organize and funnel my thoughts to be able to think clearly and understand my projects, I would recommend it to any designer.