History Of Hospitality

Friday, September 20, 2013

Professor: H. Hutchinson

Perspective in Hospitality Management- HMGT 1101

Chapter #: 1

Introducing Hospitality Summary

Jacqueline Scott-Smart


Hospitality has been around since the beginning of civilization.  The word hospitality comes from the word hospice, an old French word that means provide care or shelter for travelers.  Years ago, in order for people to trade products they had to travel outside their towns, which usually took days or even weeks. As travel increased, so did the need for hospitality.  Inns and taverns were built along the roadside for people to eat and drink as well as to rest, if needed, so they could continue on in their travels.  In the New World, inns and taverns also functioned as meeting places for travelers to conduct business affairs.  After the French Revolution, restaurants were established for people to come together and network.  As the world continued to develop and grow, people were able to travel by other means on land and in the air.  The ability for more people to travel further led to the developments of hotels, motels, fast food chains, coffee shops, and amusements parks.  Hospitality has been around for many years and is an important factor in the success and reputation of any customer or guest relations

Profile Assignment

September 12 2013
HMGT 1101
Prof. Horace Hutchinson
Jacqueline Scott-Smart
Electronic Profile Assignment

My name is Jacqueline Scott-Smart and I’m a transfer student at (New York City College Of Technology). I am currently enrolled in the Hospitality Management program. I have twenty six years in the managerial food service industry. My passion and main reason for pursuing my degree is my love for working with people. I enjoy working with people and am committed to showing the utmost care in providing a service to others. It is also my wish that I leave a positive impact and that others are positively affected through my service. With the help of my professors and fellow classmates I hope to further my knowledge and skills, which will allow me to be an experienced and dedicated professional in the hospitality field. My philosophy is to treat people the way I would want to be treated: with dignity and respect. I work well in a very productive, positive and supportive work environment. I am able to build trusting relationships by demonstrating integrity and standing by high ethical standards. I am also able to communicate accurate information in a clear and timely manner. I set clear goals in a persistent and optimistic manner and strive to achieve my goals to the best of my ability. My mission and commitment to the community is one that I share whole-heartedly. Because of my roll-up-your-sleeve work ethic, I have maintained an excellent performance record and I have earned a reputation for being dedicated and engaged in teamwork


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