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Peace and Mind Journal

Peace and Mind was the first actually, full length-song. I always wanted to produced and had the melody in my head for years. With “Peace and Mind” I was able to get it feed the itch. I wanted it to be the opening song of the mixtape, and the tone setter, of balance. Prior, to making the song I had to learn how to use Maschine 2.0 with its software so, I could make the instrumental. Which, took 3 days and a total of 10-15 hours, but I was able to get the hand of it. Then I dove into making the song, learning how to produce on the fly. It was a huge challenge, but I was happy with the income. It took me around 10 hours to make the instrumental, adding more elements as I went along.  The instrumental came out abstract and had a general relaxing mood which I wanted. When it came down to recording vocals, I told the artist’s to write lyrics about freeing your mind. I was unable to record vocals in a studio in CT, like I plan due, to catching the flue. I instead recorded them in my room using a Tonor microphone. Because of this, it took 3 days to record, and didn’t come out as great as I hoped. But, I was able to fix it up a little with an external editor I have called, GoldenWave. Overall, Peace and Mind was a great learning experience that I’m happy with.