My name is Jhorvi Rosa Calderon. I’m currently enrolled at City Tech pursuing a Bachelors of Science in education, majoring in Technology Teacher Education. Prior to City Tech, I earned an Associates degree in accounting. One day, as I was contemplating career goals, I came across an advertisement that was making a call for male-minority teachers to enter the education field because there is a great need. I saw this as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and pursue a career that I see as more of a calling. To serve my community and contribute to the lives of others in a positive and dynamic way. I am a grass-root teacher-candidate, 1st-generation college student that believes in the transformative power of education. To me, every classroom is full of luminous leaders, inventors, and agents of social change that can transform the world we live in if given an opportunity. As a prospective educator, it is my desire to inspire and cultivate the potential greatness dormant in every student, one student at a time.