Field Trip to the UFT Printing Facility

During the trip to the UFT printing facility, I didn’t realize how many machines and printers would be in there. I thought that there would be only a few machines throughout the building but there were more on the ground floors, and I thought that the different printers there were interesting. There were a lot of printing and packaging machines that I thought were really interesting, but there were three machines that I thought were a lot more interesting.

The first machine that I thought was cool was a machine that had a huge roll of white paper, and I thought this was cool because te paper would be used to put in the ink in place for the packaging. It reminded me of something that I learned in class, about a type of printer that can only use a giant roll of paper in order to fully place the document in there. Another machine that I thought was neat was one where it would make envelopes. I thought it looked so cool watching how the machine can make the paper go into different sequences and every time they would move, they would either be folded in an envelope style and moved neatly on top of other envelopes so there would be letters put in them for shipping. The last machine that was everyone’s favorite, was the T-shirt printing machine, where someone could take an image onto the computer and when it is fully process, the machine would flatten out the T shirt and press onto the shirt with the ink that is making the image, then the shirt would go onto this other machine that would warm the shirt up to make the ink stay in place, and the shirt would alway come out nice. It was really fun watching people being given out their custom made shirts and  I really enjoyed the process on how the design got to be imprinted onto the shirt itself.

My OpenLab Biography

My name is Jenise Roque. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, growing up in the streets of Bushwick. I was in a charter school for six years until I graduated with a diploma on June. I wanted to major in communication design because I have a major passion in art and design and  I aspire to have a job in something involving the arts, either becoming an professional illustrator or even an animator. As an artist, I like to draw in my spare time. I’ve been drawing since I was younger and I still continue to draw to this day. I am a self taught artist though I did take art as an elective course in High School, and I was able to learn more about the elements of art and explore what different types of art that people create.  Usually I would draw characters that I made up in my mind, getting inspiration from certain things I like, whether it be different styles of fashion and personalities with them. This is just a hobby for now but I do want to either make a comic book or just an cartoon with these original characters of mine. I would usually find inspiration for creating my art using social media apps such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube, because I follow a lot of artists who create their own characters and comics in their own unique styles, and they inspire me to develop my own style of drawing   

As Communication Design as my new major, I want to learn about the many different types of businesses people make using their unique arts, which would help me gain some knowledge on how I can use my art to be used as a product for business. I can change the world with my knowledge of Communication Design by incorporating products that can better benefit the entertainment industry, such as introducing new animation for cartoon shows, or come up with new concepts for video game designs that consumers can buy and enjoy.