In this page you will find information about my teaching activities.
This semester I am teaching EMT 1111, EMT 2390L, EMT 2410, CET 3640.


Instructor for the following courses:

  • EMT 1111 – Logic and Problem Solving
  • EMT 2390L – Operating Systems Laboratory
  • CET 3510 – Microcomputer Systems Technology
  • CET 3510L – Microcomputer Systems Technology Lab
  • CET 3640- Software for Computer Control

Course Coordinator for the following courses:

  • CET 3640 (Fall 2012-Present)
  • EMT 2390L (Fall 2014-Present)
  • Co-Coordinator for EMT 1111 (Fall 2013-Present)
  • Co-Coordinator for CET 3510 (Fall 2012-Spring 2014)

Teaching Related Activities and Achievements:

  • Received at or above average results in the Student Evaluation of Teaching
  • Received very good and excellent reviews in the Peer Class Observations
  • Participated every semester in formal academic advisement
  • Mentor for student in the LSAMP program
  • Sponsored student work for CityTech Writer and LSAMP
  • Attended different workshops to improve teaching such as:
    • Teaching Portfolio workshop during Spring 2014
    • Blackboard Collaborate workshop, Fall 2013
    • Bridge the Gap seminar, Spring 2013
    • OpenLab and e-portfolio workshop, Fall 2012
    • Summer Institute of Teaching and Learning, Summer 2012
  • Guest lecture on OSGi services to Iowa State University graduate course “Gerontechnology in Smart Home Environments” (Com S 514), Fall 2013

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