Sound Project Description

• Pick a sound file and try to manipulate it in any sound editor. Post that sound up on your EPortfolio site with a short description about what you learned

• Experiment with Sound Editing Using Any Software or App for homework after finishing our lecture on sound.


Using the free music sites I was able to browse for some free tunes to use. I landed on one after hours of listening to tunes. The song I decided on was Manuvaise Affaire (album v.) by NOSABE. At first listen I thought the sound sounded like something you could play behind someone getting ready or while running away. Since it did not have much lyrics I decided to decrease the tempo to 2.0 and kept the pitch at 1.5 . The sound at first was slow and low therefore I changed the gain to 7dB and switched the mode to solo. This gave the chirping noise you heard the beginning more of a ring sound to them. I bumped up the amplitude and also added a jazz equalizer to give the sound a softer noise. Lastly I added a bass to bring the tune more range.