Enlarged Floor PLan

This is an enlarged floor plan at twice the scale(1/4″=1/8″). Note the geometric figures involved in this floor plan such as squares, triangles, circles, etc. The circle in the middle may represent a domed ceiling. The structure as well is shown, giving it a symmetrical aspect.

sketch 1130 image 2

House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This is an enlarged floor plan drawing at twice the scale.(1/4″=1/8″). The plan includes some symmetry as well. It shows stairs meaning that there is another floor that goes with this plan. The sections cut the plan horizontally and vertically.

sketch 1130 image 3

This is a proposed axonometric drawing of the floor plan by Frank Lloyd Wright. It scaled as twice the size of the actual floor plan. By using a 30-60-90 triangle, I was able to project the lines correctly from the actual floor plan. I established the height.

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