My name is Jessica Phukham, I am a Communication Designs student. Graphic Design is my main focus, but is not my number one goals career wise. I am an aspiring model and actress who has a love for visual arts and designs.

I’ve always been interested in arts and design since the longest. I’ve took 3 years of art classes in High School, and that carried on to college. Fine arts was my first major when I started college, until I transfer to City Tech. Switching from Fine Arts to Communication Designs was very unfamiliar, because I did not take any computer classes before I switched my major.


This quote helps motivate me to do things that i love and continue doing it. As long as I’m happy with where I am at in life, anyone else’s opinions should not matter.
This quote is relatable, I have insecurities like everybody else, but instead of thinking about it, I’m embracing it and learning to love myself even more.
Failing is everyone’s fear, we all afraid of failing that’s why we don’t try things that we think we would not be good at. Personally, i have fear of failing, but it doesn’t stop me of trying and keep trying until i success in the things that i’m trying to accomplish.


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Guns should be illegal.