Finalized Quotations


Life goes on Final 2

Quotation Design # 1

With this quote I wanted to literally emphasize life going on. So that’s exactly what I did. I took the “e” in life and extended it off the page to show that life goes on…. in this case, literally. This is my favorite out of the three quotations because I thought it was a cool, and nice way to approach it.

I feel like I should start to stray away from the black, and white though, because I feel like I overuse the color scheme too much. (See below.)

Quotation Design # 2

Life goes on Final 31


This one is my second favorite quote that I did. I used the quote to visualize what is to be a light switch. By having the body of the light switch have sections of the quote. Then have “On” on the brightest side of the image. I like the simplistic design. My favorite color scheme is definitely black and white, because they clash with each other so perfectly.

If I could do anything better with this one; it would be to somehow make it more obvious that it’s a light switch. However, it was one of my first times attempting something like this, and we all have to start somewhere, right?

Quotation Design # 3

Life goes on Final54pngIt seems to be a recurring theme of the pictured quotations to be my least favorite. I ran out of ideas on what to do with the quote because it was such a small quote. I couldn’t think of anything else that would go with the quote. So I went with the cliché “endless” road. It’s not my favorite one, and it definitely does not wow me. I definitely could’ve done better with this one.

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Three Visual Quote Concepts 11-3


My first visual quote concept.

VIsual Quote

My second visual quote concept.

Visual quote 2

My third visual quote concept.

Visual Quote 3

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A little bit about myself.

Hello, my name is Johnathan Peyrefitte! I am a Virgo, and an ambitious student. I went to high school at All Hallows Institute in the Bronx. I am a freshman at the College of City Tech. I am currently majoring in Graphic Design. For anyone who knows me personally, they’d know that I am a huge video game fanatic. It is the only thing on this Earth (besides music) that truly inspires me. When i get inspired it allows me to relive a passion, and I express that passion through my design.

The games that I love to play are games from Nintendo. Nintendo has been my favorite game company since the very beginning. My favorite game series is definitely Pokemon. The legend of Zelda is definitely right behind Pokemon too. My favorite genre of video games is JRPG. My goal is to become a Graphic designer for a video company one day.

Although sometimes my designs aren’t always perfect, or very good, I see them as a base to expand my skill even further. I know if I keep going at it, that I’ll achieve that level some day. You can count on that!

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