Project#4:Aesthetic Mapping (review)

After walking around the neighborhood of my fellow classmate I noticed that all the area was beautiful. I chose to walk around the neighborhood of Hai Lin’s route. During the walk I noticed that not only was beautiful, but peaceful. As he mention in his essay he was able to describe a place of lonely and quiet as well as describing a place full of nature. As he stated “When people slowly walking into Columbus Park, people will have a different experience. The path is wider than normal pedestrian routes, and trees from each side blocking noise from the city. While people moving deeply into Columbus Park, people can see there is a giant historical building, a garden with grass and flowers, and a fountain. These things are creating a sense of peaceful and quiet, because these things will help people forget they are living in one of the busiest city. If people have enough time, people can sit on the stairs of the historical building to give themselves a different feeling. The feeling will be totally different, because it is a peaceful place for people to slow down their life. Comparing with the train station and the crossroad, sitting inside of the Columbus Park is new way to experience quiet. And if people have any annoyance, it is a great moment to think about, because quiet can always help people relax their emotion and come up with different solutions. ” Hai Lin clearly mentions this area full of peace and a sense of relaxed.  After walking in the area I felt that the area gave me a sense of peace and an area where I could get my thoughts straight-out. In the center of Columbus park it tends to be more quiet even though it has a court house in front of it. As you enter the park you just feel warm and safe. However, as you exited it tends to get crowded with full of people walking around. I felt like he should be more clear on just being in the middle of Columbus park and just standing there. I feel like further in the walk just doesn’t match the sense of nature and peace.

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