Project#4: Revising the pitch

Brooklyn if you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll encounter many lovely places.¬†However, the question is what influences people to choose the path they decision to walk on? Many ideas come to a person’s mind when choosing a path, it can come from using your five senses.¬†¬†If you walk in the streets of Brooklyn you’ll get to see areas full of crowd people and as well as lonely places. I understand the people who choose to walk in crowded places, there you’ll see a lot of commercial areas toward the nearest subway. You get to see buildings toward being able to smell different kinds of food. However, there are ¬†people who walk in lonely areas. The feeling of stress that puts people to walk along lonely areas. The sign of freedom that makes people enjoy of being lonely or being with someone to just talk alone with.

There are many people who come visit ¬†Brooklyn, some just visit, some just moved here and others just work here. If those people¬†don’t know the area or just came out of work, they’re most likely people who’ll¬†fall for easy traps that led into crowded areas. People who¬†study around City Tech which is located in Jay Metro Tech station. They¬†walk straight from the campus point and straight into the train station. These people whose head are full of work, studies, and extra information won’t pay attention to anything but getting home. How about the people who have free time, they just walk to the store get food and wait till time flies. People shouldn’t just kill time, they should walk on these people lonely areas to realize the bad pain.¬†People can only experiences areas with loneliness, if people decided to walk areas with a calm senses. People can began by exiting out of city tech and heading up towards Johnson St and passing Adams st. Making a right people will see Cadman Plaza East and Tillary Street, there people will witness the Korean War Veterans Plaza. There people will see the park with not enough people to be bothering one another. In the Korean War Veterans Plaza, people just walk around there, however you can feel the presents quietness just by being there. Its a small ahead that people can quietly sit around till all their ideas or pressures they have leave. Comparing the more crowded areas with here people get the feeling often to get lost¬†in their thoughts.

The¬†Korean War Veterans Plaza isn’t the place to hang around people can find lonely areas ahead. However, what happens the Korean War Veterans Plaza is the history it represents. In a local online newspaper, Don Evans stated “It‚Äôs a small monument compared to the expansive World War II memorial in nearby Cadman Plaza Park, the heroic arch on Grand Army Plaza honoring Civil War soldiers or the modest Korean War Veterans plaza in Columbus Park. Designed by architects Danby and Nute, it is a tribute to soldiers from an old neighborhood that is being revived by completed high-rise apartment buildings such as Oro and Bridgeview Tower with three others yet to come.” The Korean War Veterans Plaza is a memorial of the World War, for those soldiers who fought. ¬†The Korean War Veterans is a place ¬†of peace because not only do the people know its an area for respect but its written to never forget its propose. As Evans Stated ¬†“‚ÄúIn loving memory of those men of this district who in the war of 1917 and 1918 fought and died for freedom. Their neighbors through the Seawanhaka Democratic Club erect this monument,‚ÄĚ the inscription says.” ¬†The Korean War Veterans Plaza is a place that has shown peace, quietness and as well as loneliness. The plaza influences the people to find happiness in a memorial.

After a long day, the tour ends and people have to return home.¬†Lonely and quiet areas around the Korean War Veterans Plaza help people gain a sense of peace from any situation they’re dealing. Being in crowd areas maintains people busy it¬†will¬†make people feel annoyed that everyone in your way. However, once your at the Korean War Veterans Plaza you get the sense of relax. Being in busy area doesn’t relax anyone, people try to walk areas they’re going to walk lonely areas to try to avoid the crowd without making someone¬†have a headache. Taking lonely areas gets a person thinking less, sometimes lonely areas can take you the fastest way to avoid the crowded areas. After seeing the history of the¬†Korean War Veterans Plaza. it makes people enjoy there walk and view. Instead of just having to a relaxed area, the history of the Korean War Veterans Plaza opens up minds. There aren’t many people who know the history of the Korean War Veterans Plaza. ¬†This will allow people to open up and wonder areas, a¬†quiet area to know about the history.



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