View From My Window: Research

The view from my window a lot of things can be seen from here from man built to nature. You’ll see more houses and man built items than open-wide areas around here. Normally, when we are asked how we view things surrounding us we are able to find and point out the objects but not an expression. When viewing from my window looking at the left side of the area there are my neighbors cats all different kinds of breeds strolling around. When coming across the cats I define each one by their color, each cat has a variety colors from light to dark medium colors. Look straight ahead and you’ll see street lights and cars passing along. The street lights might be the same size as others however not the color. That light street had never been painted in years therefore, giving a silver to blue color.

As continuing viewing from my window it shows my neighbor’s houses and their fences.The house that stands out of all my neighbors is this red house it started first with a pink-red. Although, it has been painted by the same color over and over again the red is able to express how important the house value is. In the right section there can been seen parked cars in the streets while in the left side you get to see my neighbor’s dog walking while shaking his little tail. The shape of the dog is able to express how well it is. Seeing some trees and a bit of grass and a few houses. Shapes appear like example the house comes from rectangle, and squares. During the day viewing the old cable street hang making wonders and lastly, also viewing at night how the old light street work. From my window I can see a lot more than just items I see items that built up the world I live in.

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  1. I like how instead of going into too many details you give a snapshot sense of your neighborhood instead, seeing all these things within a window frame. Without the thorough details and just saying what you see allows me to actually better picture the scene. Good job.

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