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Visual Quote Concept

Visual Quote Concepts3

I intended this post to be playful because it catches the attention of the viewer immediately. The colors I used are rainbow-like because there is a variety of different hues. I also resized the type to fit proportionally on the page. Fun is a way of using a variety of colors to be playful because that’s what fun is all about.

Visual Quote Concepts RGB2

I used a sky diving picture to enhance this visual quote because skydiving is an interesting sport. The type I used is Bebas Neue and I kerned the quote along with some leading. Also, I used a blue fill to match the color of the sky and added an outer glow to make the visual quote pop. The sky is the limit but not if you can walk on it!

Visual Quote Concepts

Walt Disney’s characters from the movie “The Incredibles” inspired this visual quote. Using the Incredibles, I designed the type to be aligned with the Violet (right) and Mr. Incredible (left).