Field Trip to the United Federation of Teachers (UFT)


The field trip to the United Federation of Teachers was a field trip to remember. This trip was for educational purposes. Our tour conductor Oscar, is the chief of the printing lab at UFT. He was very kind and gaveĀ us information on the machines the company used daily. Some of the machines we saw were the ESPON 9800,Ā  the mail machine and the inserter. The EPSON 9800Ā is an ink jet printer that can print large postersĀ about 44 inches in width and 74 inches in length. This machine is used for high quality print like pictures and posters. The second machine we saw was used for printing envelope cards. This machine could easily print about 140,000 envelopes a day.Ā  The third machine we saw was called the inserter. The inserter has itā€™s name from inserting papers into an envelope. The inserter simply folds the paper, insertsĀ it into the envelope and seals it. This machine can do about 50,000 envelopes in a day.

The tour guide Oscar is the chief of the staff in the printing lab. Oscar gave us a tour around the lab showing us all different kinds of machines. He was also generous enough to show us how some of the machines work like the Prism, which can cut about 50 sheets of paper in one slice. Oscar told us that he has done plenty of jobs for all kinds of companies but he specializes in posters. He also gave us advice on the types of printers we should use if any us are planning to work in the printing field. Oscar concluded that he has made many mistakes in the past but those mistakes gaveĀ him the opportunity to grow and be a better leader.

Ā Envelope printerField Trip Picture 2Ā Brochure printer

Field Trip PictureĀ Poster and pictureĀ printer (EPSON 9800)


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