Working from home is not always the best.

When Melanin Mommas gave me the option to work from home at times, I was exhilarated. Being a full-time student and working a full-time job, balancing both I knew was going to be a challenge with having an internship added on. Now, of course my thoughts were “This is great, I don’t have to leave/miss work or school in order to make it to internship or vice versa.” The weirdest thing was that working from home during some days weren’t the best. There were a few times during the internship that I found myself on my way to grab some items left at the office or there for the duration of the day working because the ideas would come more faster.

It was something about being in a space that you see developing and creating in that space that motivated me to do more. Trying to think outside of the box and not creating something that we’ve all seen was something that my supervisor said was needed and expected. Coming up with that content, every single day was challenging and sometimes it just popped in my mind like a light bulb to then be transferred into a post for individuals to see. If I were to do this internship again, I would probably work more in the office and not so much at home. Many things I would change, but the experience would always be different. Utilizing the workers there more instead of working very closely with my supervisor is one of the main things I would change. When I’d decide, ‘hey, I     don’t want to stay home, Im going to go in and give some ideas instead of emailing or talking through video chat’, the sharing of ideas and opinions are able to be appreciated.