Collaborative Project

Logo for Melanin Mommas in color
The amount of creative individuals at Melanin Mommas is amazing. The only problem is agreeing on something. On Sundays, we usually do meetings with mood boards explaining what is going to be posted, what colors are going to be used and what message is going to be portrayed at that specific time. It’s a lot to deal with when you have 6-8 people giving you ideas from opposite viewpoints.

Being a content curator, I have a upper hand on design decisions yet I love listening in on peoples opinions and trying to accommodate each idea. The one project I enjoyed the most was designing the logo for Melanin Mommas. I was able to collaborate with the founder. I was very excited for this because there was an intimacy being able to design with the person who brought this company altogether.

While designing the logo, the amount of communication was probably the most throughout the entire internship. We were speaking every single day due to the logo being designed in a week. Instead of waiting to meet at the end of the week, we were back and forth sending jpeg files to one another and debating which font would be most efficient.

What was most successful of the project was putting our brains together right at the beginning. This helped us understand one another straight from the beginning. The only thing I  would change is being able to create stationary designs with black and white instead of just color. The color worked so well yet it would’ve been great to see how the logo was to look in black and white.