Content Curator

We were queens, she told her daughters, long before the crowns arrived.


I’ve recently got a position being an intern at Melanin Mommas. Being at one of the companies fund raisers/events, I experienced what the company had needed and what their story is. The founder of the company just as the women of Melanin Mommas is a mother of color who wants to share her story with the world in order to guide them and embrace them in such a way, they can succeed and be strong.

I worked as the content curator of the company. My job was to make sure fresh content was posted in order to stay active with our Melanin Momma followers.

The company is a public company and the clients are woman of different cultures who are seeking guidance, a place to speak and knowledge. The personalities were very different depending on the backstory of the individual yet all of the women shared the same mindset.

The location of Melanin Mommas is in Jersey City and is about 7-15 employees in attendance at a time. The company was founded by a woman shortly after she had given birth to her son. She wanted to have individuals understand the struggle and love a mother has to grow through and how the journey of motherhood is.