Becoming the “fresher-upper”

I worked as the content curator of the company. My job was to make sure fresh content was posted in order to stay active with our Melanin Momma followers.

It’s a bit of a weird story when explaining how I  obtained the position as an intern for this company.  I attended one of the events from seeing a link of instagram and I work with the founder at my full-time job. I went to show support by going to her personal companies event and was enthralled to see how she talked to a group of people; a village.

After the event was over and I  went to congratulate her and give her some fearless feedback. She was open to hearing what I had to say an appreciated the help I was interesting in helping her with.  The perfect moment was then as well because her intern just went on leave.

Her main focus when she interviewed me was how was I on flexibility because she has 3 jobs which included being an event planner at Apple, Founder of Melanin Mommas and a full-time mother. She basically summed up how things can pop up and some designs and content might have shorter deadlines than others. My concern was working full time and being a full-time student and not being able to be able to meet during certain times so we made a schedule we were both able to do and some content I was able to work remotely from home or on-the-go with some occasionally conference web meetings. After that, everything began to flow a bit more smoothly.