A Day in the Life of a Content Curator

two melanin women facing outwards over their shoulders. "nothing is more impressive than a person who is secure in the unique way God made her."

I can say that this is the first time I worked someplace where the outfits were very different and out there. It was as if I was walking down a runway everyday. The amount of vibrant colors, textures and material the clothing people wore at the same time was very fashionable. From snake print and cat-eye glasses to latex pants and a see-through raincoat, the outfits were very different. I  enjoyed how loud it was and the energy was very positive.

There were no cubicles or offices, yet we would have an open space, that would be where we would all bring our ideas together and talk about how the event planning and content designs we’re going. Thats usually how we would start our day, meeting in Jersey City or coffee shops around the city where we could chat about any updates. Then, there would usually be a drawing board that came up and one at a time, we would break down color palettes and content that would unify the company as a whole. There was a need of cohesiveness from the website, to social media, to the logo, and to events. Even when the day was over, we would keep in touch over the weekends to see if there was any change that needed to be done or updated.