Welcome to Melanin Mommas!

“A Melanin Momma comes from all walks of life. She is any shade as we all contain melanin. She is wondrous, and beautifully made. She embraces cultural and is proud of her heritage. She fights the fight and walks the walk. She does take no for an answer. She is triumphant. She is… SHE IS YOU.”Melanin Mommas is a space where wonderful moments of motherhood, strength questions and guidance can be shared amongst one another. On their website, young moms are able to identify with one another, inspire as well as motivate one another. The size of the company is relatively small (roughly 5-10 employees) and only has one location located in Jersey City. Within the organization, I work with the social media team, making sure the blog page is maintained and is currently what is being built. The instagram page is always uploaded with fresh content and posts to inspire mothers who were new, old, or coming into motherhood that needs guidance and support.