Hi, my name in Jnei Kelly

I am a communication design major at the NYC College of technology. I decided to pick this major because photography has been a part of my life since I was little and in high school, I expressed myself through the cameras and graphics I created. I’ve always been a person to want things to be made my own way especially if I didn’t like the design of it. At City Tech I hope to focus on product design or photography because they’re what I believe my true calling is.

I was taught to love what I do by my mother who would take photos of me every day for years to scrapbook. My family always kept art supplies and camera phones around the house so there was never a shortage of that when I wanted to draw something or try a new angle in the camera. Starting from In front of the camera I moved to learn everything behind it which led me to express my feelings photographically using angles and shadow. Going forward I plan to expand my range and change many viewpoints in my career.