Green-point Neighborhood

The typography around my neighborhood has lots of serifs on the letters but also does not have much on it. Throughout my neighborhood there has been graffiti all around factories but the letters show a certain type of ethnicity. It seems to be mostly white americans around with a little bit mixer of different ethnicity from different countries or from different states. The letter spacing from banners, from stores and from poster are different from other neighborhoods. Also, the alignment of the letters to the word is different with a font of times new roman. There’s a bunch of designs on how the letters are played out and grabs the public attention because it’s different from other letters that is in a different neighborhood. As I walked around the neighborhood, there is also old buildings with old letters which showed serifs on each letter. But as the time passes that old letters has grown out and letters throughout the neighborhood changes with less serifs to grab the outsides attention. For instance, If an owner of a deli wanted to get a crowd of people into his/hers store then they would write in big letters “Deli” on the top of their store. The way it’s written and size of it would get the public attention but if it is too cliche then people would see it as every other “Deli”. Unless the owner changes the font size, the font, the alignment of the font and the line space then people see it as a different than other Deli’s.

however , throughout the neighborhood everything has its regular form of writing their fonts, Laundromats, Deli’s, pizza place and clothing stores. They all have just a bold letters with no serifs on the letters but in bubble letters or times new roman font on their banners. There is also punctuation on certain letters that goes with it but then some are not. Street signs lettering are bold and the alignment are right on the middle of the sign but they also don’t have strokes on the end of each letter. They’re just bold and solid color in letters that everyone are able to notice it from afar.