ARCH 1231 Syllabus and Assignments

The two syllabai below demonstrate my dedication to continuous reflection, assessment, and improvement in my courses. With the critical Gen Ed skill of reading a significant goal for this first-year course, I have adjusted each semester the day to day activity to allow each instructor the opportunity to work with the students explicitly on their reading skills and note-taking skills. See course coordination site for more information.



As the syllabus for ARCH 1231 was a new take on Building Technology I, I mocked up all the assignments to test the concept and the deliverables, as well as the format and scale. These mock-ups, after the assignments were finalized, provide a clear articulation to both the part-time faculty and the students the goals and parameters for each drawing assignment.


ARCH1231_Building_Technology_I_assignment_measured space_2019_01



tudy_2019_01ARCH1231_Building_Technology_I_assignment_exterior wall_2018_02