Bridging the Gap Seminar

This seminar (Parts I and II) wonderfully reinforced and added to the research and discussions on learning and teaching I have enjoyed in a number of programs on campus, including the Summer Institute and the Living Lab Third Year and Fifth Year Fellowships. This seminar was structured around the book How Learning Works by Susan Ambrose, et al. I have read this book in previous seminars, but this time I was able to translate many of the lessons into direct applications in my courses.

During the Part I seminar I teamed up with Prof. Hamidreza Norouzi to present the chapter on Knowledge Organization. Here is a link to our support graphics. My big break through during this seminar was the power of a Knowledge Organization Diagram for both students and faculty. Below are the two diagrams I developed for my revisions to ARCH 1130 Building Technology I and for a future revision to ARCH 1230 Building Technology II, showing how the two courses build off of the same clear organization, and how the second course reinforces topics as it adds a new layer of complexity and depth. These diagrams should be extended for the full Building Technology sequence. They can also serve as a model for a full curriculum diagram for each degree program to clarify the hierarchy of topics and how they are structured and linked to each other. These diagrams are critical to students, so I am including them on the course outline and we will spend time throughout the semester talking about this organization and using the graphic each time we shift topics.

In the Part II Seminar, I presented the chapter on Motivation. Here is my Prezi presentation for this discussion: Motivation and Behavior





Bridging the Gap CertificateNote that Certificate has a problem with the J and M of my first and last name.

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