Pursuing Meaningful Learning CUNY CUE Conference Paper May 2, 2014

Pursuing Meaningful Learning CUNY CUE Conference Paper May 2, 2014


Learning outside the classroom is among the most critical activities in higher education today. The benefits of the High Impact Practice of Place Based Learning and Academic Service Learning are well documented and CUNY is wonderfully situated to use New York City and its environs as a Living Laboratory to enhance student learning.

At City Tech’s Department of Architectural Technology, we have instituted Place Based Learning through a series of Case Studies in our first year Building Technology courses. In addition, some of the Case Studies also function as Academic Service Learning Projects. The Case Studies take the students to a number of sites where they study buildings through first hand experiences. The goals for these Case Studies are:

  1. Introduce the student’s to a culture of careful observation and investigation of primary sources.
  2. Develop a deeper awareness of the built environment of the city and how it moulds our lives.
  3. Foster moments of experiential discovery that excite and motivate students’ dedication and rigor in their studies.
  4. Study the Tectonics of World Class Architectural Works

Our presentation will illustrate our Case Study process using three case studies as examples.

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