CUNY IT Conference Nov 2018

IT conference program cover

At this conference I presented with Karen Goodlad and Anna Matthews on the critical use of OpenLab at City Tech as a tool for student learning and engagement. 

Abstract: The Living Lab General Education Seminar encompasses high impact educational practices, place-based learning, open pedagogy on the OpenLab and enhanced assessment practices, each designed to engage students in their general education and degree-specific curriculum. A significant component of the Living Lab is dedicated to finding opportunities for students to share their learning in an interactive manner on the OpenLab, City Tech’s open-source digital platform where students and faculty meet to learn, work, and share their ideas. We will demonstrates how we use the Living Lab Model of Pedagogy to equip students for technological literacy through reflection, peer feedback, collaboration, documentation and presentation using e-portfolios. Examples will be provided across disciplines including hospitality management, architectural technology, and dental hygiene. Facilitators will share how they promote development and progress throughout a student’s collegiate experience. As leaders of the Living Lab General Education Seminar, we also will share how we employ these practices to facilitate faculty interaction and collaboration, encouraging professional growth.

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