Classical New York: Study of Unrealized NYU Bronx Campus Masterplan

    • Macaulay-Lewis, Elizabeth, and Matthew M. McGowan. Classical New York: Discovering Greece and Rome in Gotham. Empire State Editions, an Imprint of Fordham University Press, 2018.

ISBN: 9780823281022

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Working through the Building History Project Lab that I co-founded with Dr. Jeffrey Burden, I contributed to this book an original geo-located geometric study of the New York University Bronx campus for the chapter The Gould Memorial Library and Hall of Fame: Reinterpreting the Pantheon in the Bronx, authored by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis. My study synthesizes the existing conditions documented through aerial photography and the NYC tax maps with the proposed but not fully executed masterplan sketches by Stanford White. This required studying the alignments of existing architectural elements and site lines across the site and rigorously incorporating the additional proposed building elements and landscape layout and adjusting dimensions and geometry to work within the property lines and road alignments. It also required reconciling multiple plan drawings produced at different times of some of the buildings within the masterplan. This study represents the most rigorous known study of this important project. I also contributed a larger scale plan study of the library floor plan of the Gould Memorial Library (now part of CUNY/Bronx Community College.)

Study as Published: 

Floor plan study of Gould Library, Stanford White as Published:

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Process Drawings for Masterplan Study:

Historic Tax Map with property boundary, road alignments (NYC Department of Finance)

Current Tax Map with property boundary with road alignments (NYC Department of Finance)

ACRIS Data on Parcels

Only published layout of unrealized master plan 

Geolocating cad translation of historic layout on google earth aerial view overlaid on historic tax map.


Geolocating cad translation of historic layout on historic tax map.