Major Modification of AAS Curriculum

This curriculum change fundamentally altered our AAS degree program. In this proposal we significantly reallocated credit hours, consolidated a number of 2 credit courses into 3 credit courses, and eliminated outdated courses. We updated course content and adjusted learning objectives to reflect both a General Education emphasis as well as latest teaching methods supported by research. The reallocation of credit hours was mapped to understand our allocation in relation to the National Architectural Accreditation Board’s requirements for accredited programs and to align to the NAAB requirements as much as possible.

I authored two of the new courses for this proposal: ARCH 1130 Building Technology I and ARCH 1230 Building Technology II. I worked closely with Professors Mishara, Trudell, and Moll to map the curriculum according to a number of criteria including skills, objectives, and national standards. I also coordinated the development of a consistent approach to learning objects and assessment vehicles across all of the AAS proposed courses. I also assisted in the development of a consistent course outline. 10-10_ Major_ Modification_Arch_Tech_AAS_rev3_21511 (dragged)

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