Gen Ed Curriculum Mapping

Arch Tech AAS Gen Ed SLOs example_aebm

Responding to requests from the Provost’s office in 2012, I worked with Profs. Mishara and Moll to map the Architectural Technology curriculum according the college’s mandated General Education Learning Outcomes to study where these outcomes were already integrated or where they could be integrated with modifications to the courses. Our mapping also included the potential application of High Impact Educational Practices to the courses. Our team met once a week over the course of a semester to complete this tedious mapping process.

ArchTech_Gen Ed Curriculum Mapping_Rvd 030311

Also at the request of the Provost’s office, I joined a team that worked with Tammie Cumming’s office to map the  Departments’ Program Learning Outcomes tp the courses of the BTECh degree as well as the AAS degree. arch_tech BTecharch_tech AAS

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