BARCH Degree: Executive Committee for NAAB Accreditation

I was asked to join this committee by our interim chair, Prof. Vaidya, to help develop a new 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Degree Program and prepare documents and infrastructure to guide the program through the accreditation process. This work is ongoing and includes research into national trends in BARCH programs, new course development, development of program assessment strategies, and implementation strategies. 

I am an active participant in the development of the new degree program for a BARCH accredited degree, During the faculty workshops to develop the strategy for the degree, I helped compile peer institutional data to place our current studio credit and contact hours in context to support the underlying argument that we needed to increase both.

Letter from Chair:

Study of Building Technology Course Sequence SPCs. 

BARCH Degree Development Presentation

Curriculum Map Studies:

I also completed a study of the projected MCF to help the faculty understand the scheduling and classroom implications of the new degree program:

MCF Study_20170121_JAM Classroom Diagram

MCF Study_20170121_JAM List

MCF Study_20170121_JAM

Diagrams Studying Course Content and Development

Analysis of Existing Degrees:

AAS Analysis20160915

AAS Analysis20160922_contact hours

Vetting the AAS Proposal_Response_20161108